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Reminder: Test Your Backups

It's week 9, which means that you've probably invested many hours in a final paper or project for at least one class.

This is your reminder to stop and ask yourself:

If the most important file in my project suddenly disappeared, what would I do?

If the answer is git checkout -- filename or cp filename_yesterdays_date filename, you're on the right track! If losing the file would ruin your day, take a few minutes now to prevent it from getting lost in the future.

Verify your backups.

If you think that you know how to restore your file, do a test right now. Make a copy of the project's entire folder and, in that copy, actually delete the file. Now try to get it back. If you don't have a plan for getting your work back, or the backup solution you thought you had isn't working, you can set one up now while your work still exists!

Decide how serious a ...more

LUG's Laptop Reviews

The #osu-lug channel on Freenode has recently seen a lot of requests for advice on choosing laptops. Here's a summary of the advice you're likely to get from each channel member.



I play a bit of Minecraft and occasionally like to compile code or run VMs locally, so a machine's performace is moderately important. Most of my schoolwork and real work is done on remote machines while I'm at home or on campus, so I need at least a couple hours of battery life and good wireless performance. I usually run Linux Mint or Arch on laptops, and am not a fan of troubleshooting proprietary driver problems.

Display quality is not important to me and I don't mind small screens. Input devices are extremely important to me. I strongly prefer the old style Thinkpad keyboards and find chicklets unpleasant to type on. The xkcd mouse is my preferred ...more

Channel Administration on Freenode

This guide will be targeted toward LUG officers who haven't done channel administration on Freenode before, but contains information that's relevant if you want to start your own channel as well.

First, go read all the freenode guidelines, but especially the channel guidelines and faq. These will explain why you should not wear your "hat" indoors, and other essential pieces of etiquette.

Getting help

Rather than Googling around, the best way to get help with nick, channel, and channel listing on Freenode is:

/msg nickserv help
/msg chanserv ...more

Intro to Weechat

This weechat guide is broken into two parts. The first part is all about how to use weechat. It starts by handing you a git repo of weechat config files to give you a better "default". After getting that set up the rest of the guide will go over how to use these configs. The second guide is the advanced guide, which goes over the changes made to these configs as individual changes with the what, why, and how of the change. If you are an existing weechat user and dont want to uproot your current set up I recommend you go through the advanced guide and decide which parts of the guide you want to add to your configs.


Weechat stores all of its configs in ~/.weechat. If you start up weechat without configs it will generate default configs and put them there. If you have already been using weechat you will want to save your old config at ~/.weechat first. Make sure ...more

Advanced Weechat

In the irc guide the goal was to get you on irc and able to talk to people. hopefully once you start using irc you won't stop and with the amount of time you are about to spend on irc you should tune it for you.

over the course of the guide we are going to be going over two things how to use weechat and how to configure weechat.

To go along with this guide I have created a quick and dirty weechat guide. where this guide goes over the what why and how of changes made, the quick guide simply hands you some weechat configs and goes ovther the basics of how to use them. if you are a new user the quick guide will save you time and help get you going. if you are a current weechat user I recommned you go though this guide and decied for yourself what changes you want to make to your cofigs.


In weechat everything lives in a buffer (kinda like a ...more