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Subway: A Persistent IRC Web Client

DJ Petersen make a return visit to LUG to talk about his persistent IRC web client, Subway. DJ is a former OSU student who interned at Cloudkick last summer and is currently working as web developer in Eugene.

Subway was inspired when DJ saw MostAwesomeDude attempting to explain IRC and screen to a non-technical person over at the OSL. Though the idea that many of us run irssi/weechat on a server on a forked process so that we can come back and view messages and conversations while we were gone didn't quite sift through. IRC is like email or a social network to most of us, and it would be nice to bring people into that network who aren't as technical.

A currently existing persistent IRC web client is ...more

Recap: "Things You Love" Lightning Talks

Oh, the love is in the air. For Valentine's Day, LUG got together and shared pieces of software or technology that they loved.

rTorrent - Jacques Uber

Tell subsonic to look at directory where music is downloaded. rTorrent watches a directory for new torrents. When it sees one it downloads it. Subsonic then sees the new media file, indexes it, and serves it. You can simply scp a torrent file over and it will automatically torrent and serve it. Ready to listen!

Flask - Corbin Simpson

Flask is a Python web framework that lets you create website insanely fast yet scales well.

    import flask
    app = flask.Flask(__name__)

    counter ...more

Why SOPA Sucks: The People, The Problem, The Solution

What is SOPA?

The Wild West of the clouds, the group of rampant pirates known as the Internet, has thrown their gloves to the ground against bills proposed in the House and the Senate in an effort to preserve its very own existence. The land where people are free to share pictures of their cats and seed virtual farms is being overrun by dinosaurs. The dinosaur leading the charge is a stegosaur representing Texas that some know as Lamar Smith.

In late October, Smith proposed a bill named the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that would:

  • allow government and the entertainment industry to seek court orders against websites merely accused of "enabling" or "facilitating" copyright infringement"
  • bar advertising networks and payment facilitators (Paypal) from doing business with alledgely infringing sites
  • criminalize unauthorized streaming of copyrighted ...more

Scrape the Internet! Our Python Soundcloud API

It was a cold November evening in the bullpen at Oregon State University. uberj and ngoke were sipping tea and getting work done, when the idea of an impromptu hackthon came into our minds. At the strike of 5, we powered ourselves up into coding mode and set off to hack away at a Python Soundcloud API that would allow us to download music from the streams.

We first attempted to use Mechanize to scrape the pages. uberj had previously used Burp to monitor what requests the browser was sending to Soundcloud and found that it was passing a "stream token", which was needed to request the stream, and the song's "uid". And we figured we needed to have a valid cookie as well. Security by obsurity much?

We ran into a slight hitch. We were able to compose a valid URL with the stream token and the uid, but we weren't able to print out the ...more

Recap: Introduction to Haskell

Ian Milligan, a math graduate student, gave the LUG an introduction to Haskell. Haskell is a functional programming language that is quite different from the usual imperative programming languages. We did calculated Fib numbers and generators (infinite lists on the fly) Haskell-style. It was an intense experience that left several of us dazed, but it was interesting to see something different. At the end, here was our demo code.

module Demo where 
import Prelude hiding (fst)

    function notation doesn't ...more