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Today we will write examples for man pages and start contributing the changes we make upstream to the man-pages project.

Man Pages Contribution Information

When: 6pm

Where: Kelley Engineering Center ...more

This week's presentation will be given by Lucy Wyman on the differences between Jekyll and Pelican for Wordpress Users.

If ...more

Corbin Simpson , LUG alumni and previous president, will be talking about his programming language Monte. Ever wondered how you get started making a langauge? Every wonder why you'd want to make a ...more

Lightning talks are an event where LUG comes together to share information about their most recent passion, interest, or just something they wanted to share.

Get up in front of the room, start the timer, and go! Little to no preperation welcomed.

When: 6pm

Where: Kelley ...more

What is langauges night? This is the first time it's ever happened so nobody is really that sure. It's probably going to be a bunch of LUG peeps coming together, talking about their favorite langauges, frameworks, and how awesome some new fringe project they just found is. Everybody is ...more