Beaver Bar Camp 9

  • Slightly better than Foo Camp.

Beaver BarCamp 9 hits OSU once again, brought to you by LUG and OSL.

Barcamp is a user-generated "crowd-sourced" conference, where volunteering attendees give all the talks. Barcamp 8 last Fall, sponsored by Mozilla and ThumbArcade, was successful thanks to all of those who came out.

Last year's sessions included

  • Mozilla web security workshops
  • ThumbArcade speedhack sessions
  • PGP encryption
  • fancy SSH tricks
  • Puppet
  • Frugal cooking and beer brewing
  • Extending vim
  • wok

When you show up expect to find a table of sticky notes on the wall that will tell you what rooms are available when and about the different talks. If you have something you want to give a talk about, write down the subject and put it on the wall. Everyone is welcome to come and go throughout the day to attend talks. Not only is the event FREE, but there will most likely be swag and food. There is the usual free t-shirt and last year, a Kindle Fire was raffled away.

Hope you can make it!

When: Saturday April 21st, 10 AM to 6 PM

Where: Kelley Engineering Center (yeah, all of it)

For some more information check out: