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Languages Night is an event where LUG shares it's thoughts in a round-table discussion about Open Source, Coding, and Pizza.

If you want to share some cool ideas you have about technology or just want to learn by being a fly on the wall this event is perfect for all types.

When: ...more

This week at LUG we will be giving short presentations called Lightning Talks.

Lightning Talk: a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes, given at a conference or similar forum.

If you want experience doing public speaking, want to ...more

Do you or someone you care about need Linux in their life? The OSU Linux Users Group Installfest is the event for you.

We will help you install Linux on your computer, dual-boot, run a virtual machine, or even run your own server in the CLOUD.

Before you ...more

This LUG Meeting is currently unstructured. If you have any ideas come to the #osu-lug channel on and share it.

When: 6pm

Where: Kelly Engineering Center room 100X

LUG will be screening HACKERS in Kelly Engineering room 1007 from 6pm to 7:30pm

When: 6pm

Where: Kelly Engineering Center room 1007