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The Linux Filesystem

OSU LUG alumnus Wade Cline will be giving a talk on the layout of the Linux filesystem, and how it differs from Window's layout. Slides available at

When: 6pm

Where: Bexell 321

No LUG, Networking Night

There is no LUG this week due to the Networking Night. Networking Night is a great chance to talk to and meet people from industry and many different companies. It is a great way to learn about internships and jobs. We are cancelling LUG since this event is at the same time as our ...more

Fall 2017 Installfest


When: 6pm


How to Linux

Eli will be giving a talk about basic Unix/Linux commands and explaining how to use them. Open source applications as well as installing applicatoins using package managers will also be covered.

When: 6pm

Where: Bexell 321

Welcome to LUG and Planning

LUG will meet to welcome new attendents and welcome back returning members. We will discussed the Linux Kernel and GNU/Linux operating systems. The purpose of the Linux User's Group and it's events in general will bealso explained. This meeting will also to serve as a way to plan meetings in ...more