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This week will most likely be a hack day but the exact schedule is un-decided.

When: 6pm

Where: Kelley Engineering Center room 1003

Vim vs Emacs, Linux vs Windows vs Mac, Two-Spaced-tabs vs Four-Spaced-tabs, GIT vs SVN. There's a lot of controversy in the tech-community and this week the OSU Linux User's Group is going to tackle as many of them as they can in one night.

When: 6pm

Where: Kelley Engineering ...more

Whether you've been programming since the age of two or just learned started learning python last night, Coding Puzzles Day is for you! There's a puzzle for every skill level, and many don't even require a computer if you'd prefer to solve them mathematically.

To get a head start on ...more

Tux Lightning!

Ever wondered what the history of Linux was? Or why there are so many Linux Distributions (or 'Flavors') around? Have you ever wanted to know what the GNU stood for in GNU/Linux?

This week LUG will be presenting a history of ...more

Tux Lightning!

Have you been working on an awesome open-source app? Or maybe you just started learning about a sweet python tool? Perhaps you just started brewing your own rootbeer from scratch? Whatever you've been excited about and want to ...more