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Does the world of Unix and Linux jargon puzzle you to no end? Do people throw out phrases left and right that go over your head? We've all been there.

At this week's meeting we will explain some commonly used jargon and answer questions about jargon you've heard, ...more

Open Source is a great way to produce software, but it also plays a role in other fields such as medicine, writing, and academia, to name a few.

When: 6pm

Where: Kelly Engineering Center room 1007

Here's a blurb to get you ready:

In the past, the network was a safer place. The difference between a workstation and a server was a bit more vague. Desktops had apache web servers and NFS mounts coming from them. Workstations could run finger and connect to other hosts on the network. ...more

CoreOS leaders Matthew Garrett and Alex Crawford will be speaking day about Linux, Containers, and more!

CoreOS Night February 11 @6pm | Kelly Engineering room 1003

February 11, 2016 in Kelly Engineering Center room 1003 from 6pm to ...more

The tech industry is very interested in using this new fangled thing called a 'Container' as a new way to 'virtualize'. Come learn what that all means and more.

When: 6pm

Where: Kelly Engineering Center room 1007