Beaver Bar Camp 10

  • barcamp BarCamp BARCAMP!

OSU is once again hosting Beaver BarCamp!

Barcamp is an interactive user-generated conference, where the attendees give all the talks. When you show up you will find a complex graphing system (butcher paper and sticky notes) that will tell you what rooms are available when. If you have something you want to give a talk on, write down the subject and put it on the wall. Talk about gardening, programming, cooking, spider eradication, anything!

Everyone is welcome to come and go throughout the day to attend talks. Not only is the event FREE, but there will be swag and food. Beaver BarCamp 10 is sponsored by Mozilla and Rackspace. There will be workshops hosted by current Mozilla employees.

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When: October 13, 10 AM to 6 PM

Where: Kelley Engineering Center (yes, all of it!)

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