Coding Puzzles for Interview Prep

  • Discussing internship interviews and practicing popular types of coding problems.

OSU's Winter Career Fairs are happening on February 20 and 21, kicking off the season of internship applications and interviews. LUG students who've interned at companies like Mozilla and Intel will be around to answer questions about their experiences, and we'll work through examples of some common types of coding questions to develop or refresh our interview skills.

Bring your laptop with a compiler or interpreter for your language of choice, and a favorite coding puzzle if you have one!

Even if you've only completed CS160/161 so far, don't worry! You're still a competitive candiate for some companies' internships, and by the end of this meeting you'll know much more about algorithms and data structures than you did before!

When: March 5th, 6 PM

Where: Dearborn 212