• Things You Love Lightning Talks

Our next meeting falls on February 14th, Valentines day. Since it is the holiday all about love, we are going to have a special LUG meeting. We hope that everyone will come and give a short (3-5 minutes) talk about something they love or are passionate about. It could be a cool new program, an open source project you contribute to, or a bit of hardware that is super cute.

Our new room in Kelley has a projector, so feel free to bring a laptop to plugin and show a couple slides or give a demo on. If you don't have anything you care about enough to share, you are still welcome to come and learn about some cool things that others have found.

Who: Everyone!

What: Things You Love Lightning Talks

When: Valentines Day, February 14th, 6 PM

Where: KEC1007

See you Tuesday!