Event Publicity

The Event Publicity Cheat Sheet

LUG runs or contributes to a variety of events, from Installfests to BarCamps to regular outreach activities. This guide will be a work in progress – please update it with what you learn as you try to implement its suggestions.

A month before the event:

  • Talk to whoever runs the mailing lists for the departments you’re recruiting from, to make them aware of your event and get permission to post to their mailing lists closer to the time it’s happening. For EECS, talk to Calvin.

  • Contact that Daily Barometer and KBVR (the campus radio station) to find out whether they can run ads for or articles about the event. Get permission to stick posters on Barometer kiosks.

  • Design flyers (8.5x11") for posting around campus, and signs or banners to put outside the building on the day of the event. Get the signs or banners printed sooner rather than later.

  • Draft emails to relevant mailing lists about the event.

  • If it coincides with the start of a term, make sure the event is mentioned in the handouts that we distribute when talking to classes about installfest.

  • Contact leaders of relevant student clubs, depending on the event’s theme. Get their contact information from this link.

The week of the event:

  • Actually send the emails to the mailing lists for which you got permission earlier.

  • Post flyers around campus, on MU tables and barometer kiosks if you got permission from the relevant authorities.

  • Print out some flyers to give to people curious about LUG.

Day before event:

  • If the weather looks good, write about the event in sidewalk chalk near the building where it’ll take place.

  • Put up the signs or banners or sandwichboards to make the building noticeable.

After the event:

  • Update this guide to correct timing and recommendations for each publicity tactic.

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