Why Join LUG?

Reasons to come to LUG

  1. We’re open to all levels of experience. You don’t have to know anything about Linux to come. We do a lot of things more related to open source technology than Linux.

  2. Being familiar with Linux is a valuable asset when looking for a job/internship. You are more than likely going to run into a situation requiring basic Linux knowledge at some point in your career.

  3. A lot of your future classes will be made easier by being comfortable with Linux and other open source software. CS311 and CS411 - Operating Systems - require you to use Linux throughout the course on our schools servers.

Information About Install Fest

The Install fest is aimed at a variety of skill levels. You only need your laptop and power supply, and we’ll provide everything else. Expert Linux users will be there to walk everyone through the installation steps to ensure your data is safe.


You can have both Linux, and your other Operating System installed at the same time!

So long as you have a rather modern computer, you will have a plethora of options for installing Linux, including installing to a VirtualMachine, seperate boot options, and even installing as an application to Windows. If you have any concerns, we’ll be happy to help you identify the best option for you.

About me, and how LUG has influenced me

I am a sophomore at OSU, and I came into OSU with very little actual programming experience. The first LUG meeting I attended was because Jacques Uber, a current LUG member, came to my CS151 class Winter term, and Kevin Mcgrath told us we had to learn the Vim or Emacs text editor. Jacques told our class that LUG was a good place to learn those skills. I installed Ubuntu after joining in LUG, and slowly started using its features more and more. Since then I have not gone back to Windows, and I use Linux as my main operating system. As a result of LUG I’ve been exposed to a huge amount of open source software, and I’ve learned a ton. Just about a year later, I am now working at the OSU Open Source Lab as a student software developer. It is by far is the best job I could ever ask for, and I don’t think I’d have gotten this far today without LUG.

  • Chance Zibolski

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