Recap: "Things You Love" Lightning Talks

Oh, the love is in the air. For Valentine's Day, LUG got together and shared pieces of software or technology that they loved.

rTorrent - Jacques Uber

Tell subsonic to look at directory where music is downloaded. rTorrent watches a directory for new torrents. When it sees one it downloads it. Subsonic then sees the new media file, indexes it, and serves it. You can simply scp a torrent file over and it will automatically torrent and serve it. Ready to listen!

Flask - Corbin Simpson

Flask is a Python web framework that lets you create website insanely fast yet scales well.

    import flask
    app = flask.Flask(__name__)

    counter = 0

    def index():
        global counter
        counter + = 1
        return """<p>I &hearts; flask!</p>"
            <p>I have been viewed %d times</p>""" % (counter)

    @app.route("/blink/<int:d>") # parameter d
    def blink(d):
        return """<blink>Do I blink?</blink><p>
            You entered %d.</p>""" % d

Don't need any additional folders/files/settings besides above. It just works; no need to have your views here and your urls there.

Puppet - Daniel Thornton

Puppet is a program that lets you configure computers from a set of configuration files. It has modules that configures various applications.

Can install vim and move vim configs to appropriate directory. Install all files and sets up all programs.

Radio Repeaters - Anthony Odenthal

Wake up seldom-used 77-repeater on roof of Dearborn. Gave a call sign, radio did some cool beeping. Responded with call sign in Morse "W7-OSU-R" -R indicates it is a repeater. Responded with voice emulator. If cell phones go down, the repeater still works.

Like an old school IRC.

Valentine's Day has a history of romance on the radio network.

units - Mike Cooper

units is a unit converter and calculator.

    You have: 2+2
    You want:
        Definition: 4

    You have: 2 kilometers/second
    You want: mph
        * 4473.8726
        / 0.00022352

    You have: 1 parsec
    You want: feet
        * 1.2148337e+24
        / 8.2315794e-25

    You have: 30 miles / gallon
    You want: acre
        reciprocal conversion
        * 1.9374186e-11
        / 5.1615073e+10

ipcalc shows network, min/max host, broadcast $ ipcalc

Synapse - Kevin Ngo

Synapse is a launcher program that you can use to pull up any program, document, file or SSH, upload to imgur simply by typing what you want. It will autocomplete for you and give you a list of matches.

You can install via the PPA:

    $ add-apt-repository ppa:synapse-core/ppa
    $ apt-get update
    $ apt-get install synapse

LyX - Brian Sherson

WYSIWYG editor for LaTeX. You can type a document and it will dynamically output what the .tex file. You can use it to take easily very pretty notes in math classes or type math labs, or anything else in general.

Terminator and Nyan-Cat - Mike Cooper

Terminator is a tiling terminal window manager where you can split, tile, tab, and group terminals.