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OSU LUG alumnus Wade Cline will be giving a talk on the layout of the Linux filesystem, and how it differs from Window's layout

When: 6pm

Where: Bexell 321


When: 6pm


LUG will meet to welcome new attendents and welcome back returning members. We will discussed the Linux Kernel and GNU/Linux operating systems. The purpose of the Linux User's Group and it's events in general will bealso explained. This meeting will also to serve as a way to plan meetings in ...more

AHHHH!! It's dead week! If you can spare the time, come spend an hour destressing and invest in your mental health!

When: 6pm

Where: Kelly Engineering Center room 1005

Docker is an incredibly important tool for many companies! It allows operating system level virtualization which means that you can get messy, make mistakes, and still have / at the end of the day! Come and learn ...more