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Chandler Peterson


Chandler Peterson is a sentimental Tiefling Sorcerer from the city watch who has no other family but the party.

Daniel Grocki

Secretary | dangrocki on irc

Daniel is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Math at OSU. He works as a TA for the introductory CS classes where he runs labs, grades assignments, and helps students. In his free time, Daniel enjoys learning about Linux, playing video games, skiing, and swimming.

Connor Christensen

Public Relations | chriconn on irc

Connor is a Junior majoring in Computer Science. He has an applied option in New Media Communications (computer art and computer communication studies). He has worked as a TA for the intro to CS courses at OSU and will continue to work as a TA again in the fall. In his spare time he likes building websites, traveling and photography. }

Erich Kramer

Vice President | Halved on irc

Erich Kramer is a Junior at OSU. He's part of individual research groups working on UAV cryptography, bioinformatics, and computer graphics simulations. His hobbies include lockpicking, 3D-printing, and Computer Animaiton. Ask him about them and he will be more than happy to show you how to get started!

Andrew Ekstedt

President | magical on irc

Andrew is (surprise!) a Computer Science student at OSU.

He works for Enterprise Computing Services, where he helps provide synergistic solutions to next-generation business operations (writes code). He enjoys Pokémon and cryptography, and plays the marimba.