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Even if you aren't a member, feel more than free to subscribe to the mailing list or hang out in the IRC channel. We are a helpful and friendly group and do not bite.


Elijah Voigt

President | pop` on irc

Elijah is a second year Computer Science student at OSU and a software devloper at the Open Source Lab. In his spare time he writes games in lua and plans LUG meetings. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and writing bios in the third person.

He has many names to many people but you will most likely see him referred to as pop_n_fresh on the internet.

Sean Rettig

Treasurer | rettigs on irc

Sean, sometimes known as chekkaa, is a Computer Science student at OSU and a systems administrator at the Open Source Lab. He is known for working at odd hours and fixing the backup systems.

Lucy Wyman

Vice President | lucyw on irc

Lucy is a Junior studying Computer Science at Oregon State University. She is a Front-End Engineer at the OSU Open Source Lab, where she designs the front-end for web-applications, maintains, and constructs websites for other OSL projects (such as Devops Daycamp and Beaver Barcamp). Lucy specializes in web development, and is skilled at HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python. She enjoys programming, running, and cooking. In addition, Lucy is Vice President of the OSU Linux Users Group, and leads Devops Bootcamp, and outreach program for budding software developers.

Ian Kronquist

Secretary | muricula on irc

Ian is a Computer Science student at OSU and a web developer at the Open Source Lab. He's fluent in Turkish and can often be found on IRC undertaking ambitious hacking projects such as booting a Rust kernel on a raspberry pi.

Dean Johnson

Public Relations Officer | johnsdea on irc

Dean Johnson is a Developer at the Open Source Lab and manages the Twitter/Facebook accounts for LUG. He TA's for CS 160/161/162 and is currently a Junior majoring in CS with an applied option towards Psychology. He also really enjoys web development, mainly using Python web frameworks such as Django or Flask.