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Monica Holliday


Monica is a Junior at OSU majoring in Computer Science. She also currently works part-time at Intel continuing her internship from the summer as a web developer. In her free time she reads, hikes, plays video games, and rides horses.

Daniel Grocki

Secretary | dangrocki on irc

Daniel is a Senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Math at OSU. He works as a TA for the introductory CS classes where he runs labs, grades assignments, and helps students. In his free time, Daniel enjoys learning about Linux, playing video games, skiing, and swimming.

Kerry Vance

Project Coordinator

Kerry Vance is a sophmore currently pursuing a Bachelors in CS with a minor in math. He enjoys working on Raspberry Pi projects, taking things apart, traveling, hiking, and camping.

Lindsey Kvarfordt

Vice President

Lindsey is a sophomore at OSU majoring in Computer Science. She also currently works for CASS as a software test engineer. Lindsey likes to hike, ski, read, or play tennis in her free time.

Chandler Peterson


Chandler is a senior majoring in Computer Science at OSU. He is an undergraduate researcher in the Hendrix Lab working on problems in computational biophysics. His other interests are in cryptography, biological computation, and linux system administration. Outside of school, he enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, playing the guitar, and English literature.

Lance Roy

Public Relations

Lance Roy is a second year graduate student studying computer graphics. He enjoys using mathematics for computer science, and has developed an interest in functional programming. When he can find the time, he likes playing ultimate frisbee and chess, as well as binge reading.